Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sassy Pants & Nessa's New Fun Project with Food! Food Porn!

Have you ever been hanging around eating a hot dog and pickle and maybe stared at it a little too lovingly? Did a naughty thought cross your mind and then you decided to be obscene with it? Worst yet, did your friends catch it camera? Hell you may have taken the pictures yourself! Well here is your chance to show us your MESSY FOOD SPUNK! Show us your lovingly affections with food or beverages! This is a fun site developed by perves with food fetishes! Not really, but yes we are perves nonetheless! Show us what you got! Did you capture someone in public perhaps not knowing they were being too loving with their food?! Send it to us! We'd love to watch!

Mmmm......look at the will never be the same.....SassyPants, you naughty naughty gurl!

Submit YOUR Messy Food Spunk to

Show us your MESSIEST!!!



  1. That's why I try to keep my mouth closed when a camera is around

  2. Well be afraid we may get candid shots!

  3. Yup, no one will ever be safe again!

  4. come on tammy every girl needs a open shot like that